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June 30, 2020 | By Whitney Brady

I Tried The Scrubbd Hygiene Touch Tool: Here's Why I'm Obsessed

I was skeptical when I first saw the ad online. It seemed like a real gimmick and a way to profit from the pandemic. But after using it for a few weeks, I can't go outside without it!


The last few months have been real test for my anxiety.

Hi, my name is Whitney Brady and I feel a ton of anxiety whenever I leave my home.

I used to never feel this way, but ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, I can't help but feel anxious whenever I leave my home. While I may look young, I certainly feel like I'm part of the "at-risk" crowd. I have had asthma since I've been young, and given COVID-19 is a virus that affects the respiratory system, I try my best to avoid leaving my home.

But that's not as easy to do as it sounds.

I, for one, hate being cooped up at home all day. I'm antsy to leave the house and get a breath of fresh air, but knowing how dangerous COVID-19 may be for me, I've taken every precaution possible.

I bought a huge box of black nitrile gloves to wear when I leave home. I have a few washable face masks that I rotate between, and I always carry hand sanitizer with me. Now this may sound excessive to you, but I always view it as better safe than sorry.

If I'm doing all I can to avoid contracting the virus, then I can live with that.

On the other hand, I'd have so many regrets if I were to not protect myself and contract the virus. That would weigh heavily on my mind.

I'd have so many regrets if I were to not protect myself and contract the virus.

- Whitney Brady

One day, I came across an ad for the Scrubbd Hygiene Touch Tool online.

The ad was showing a video of a person using the touch tool to avoid high-touch surfaces such as typing on a touchscreen, pressing an elevator button, or opening a door.

It seemed like a pretty smart invention at first, but I was skeptical.

How was this different than wearing gloves?

It seemed like there was really no difference between using this tool or just wearing disposable gloves. To make matters worse, if you used the touch tool and then put it back in your purse, then all the items in your purse are now contaminated.

But the secret is in the material of the touch tool.

The touch tool is made of 100% brass.

Viruses and germs die when they make contact with a brass surface in minutes.

You see, unlike your hands or gloves, viruses and germs can only survive on brass for a matter of minutes. In that sense, the touch tool seemingly sanitizes itself, because if you were to touch a surface and then let it rest, the viruses and germs on the touch tool would die. This is not the case with your hands or gloves.

Cross-contamination is very difficult to completely avoid when you leave the home. The touch tool is one additional tool to increase your changes of prevention. It's just one part of living a healthier and safer lifestyle.

So is it easy to use?

After reading more about the touch tool, I placed an order on a Monday night, and it was delivered to my door by Thursday.

After few weeks of use, I can honestly say that I am obsessed.

I can never leave home without it!

This multifunctional tool latches onto door handles to pull them open (super convenient for my apartment complex), presses elevator buttons, acts as a stylus on ATM touchscreens, and Scrubbd even added a nifty bottle opener to the tool. I've used it to open a few beers (who's not drinking in 2020?), and it gets the job done.

But the greatest benefit this touch tool has afforded me is peace of mind. Spending a little bit of money to ease my anxiety and make me feel more comfortable and safe while I go outside is so worth it.

I really can't recommend this Touch Tool enough. I've ordered a few for friends and family. It makes a great "thinking of you" gift!

$49.99 $24.99 for 2 Tools


  • Here's what people are saying about this tool:
  • "The tool is large enough to use and comfortable in the hand. I have pretty large hands and did not expect to fit my finger in the loop. The build quality is definitely apparent. I cannot stress enough that the ergonomics make this a joy to use." Andrew M. Denver, CO
  • "Very versatile tool. Used it to do daily errands the other day and worked great. Pulls open doors, flips light switches, inputs on security pad, turns locks, and used it for elevator buttons. Would highly recommend." Isa A. Wake Forest, NC
  • Ships free from Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Scrubbd Brass Hygiene Touch Tool made of?

The Brass Hygiene Touch Tool is manufactured with solid brass, which is naturally antimicrobial.

What are the dimensions of the Brass Hygiene Touch Tool?

It is 3.46 inches long x 1.53 inches wide.

What is the best way to clean the Brass Hygiene Touch Tool?

You can clean the Brass Hygiene Touch Tool with a soft cloth or a disinfectant wipe.

Will the Brass Hygiene Touch Tool patina over time?

Yes, because the Brass Hygiene Touch Tool is made of solid brass, it will naturally darken over time.

Is the Brass Hygiene Touch Tool TSA-friendly?

Yes, the TSA permits hand tools to be carried onboard an aircraft.

Does the Brass Hygiene Touch Tool work for round doorknobs?

The Brass Hygiene Touch Tool will help you unlock and lock doors that have round doorknobs, and it will help you push or pull them open. Most round door knobs are found at home, and the Brass Hygiene Touch Tool was designed for public spaces which have push, pull, or turn functions.

Does the Brass Hygiene Touch Tool work at gas stations?

Yes, you can use the Brass Hygiene Touch Tool to input your zip code at gas stations as well as push buttons and use the touch screen.

Does the Brass Hygiene Touch Tool work on touch screens?

In order to properly use a touch screen, you must make contact with the flat surface part of the Brass Hygiene Touch Tool.

Why does the Brass Hygiene Touch Tool come with a bottle opener?

Because it's hard to be social these days, we felt it was important to include a bottle opener function so that you could enjoy a drink whenever necessary while staying safe. Also, this means if you carry a bottle opener with you, you can replace it with this